Dear Bernard is an ongoing photo-project. It is a tribute to my 12-year old German Shepherd dog. The boy whose muzzle has grayed and pace has declined, yet my love for him grows with each passing day. This photo project highlights the love between senior dogs and their humans through images and letters written to our furry kiddos. The combination of words and visual images invites us to feel the bond that becomes stronger as they age, and the nostalgia that comes with it as we hold on tighter to their sunset days. 
Dear Peluche,
"... you have many nicknames: Peluchin, Luche, beets, fur baby, beebyramich, and many that make no sense. But they were all given to you in the name of love, because you're our first baby and you bring out so much positivity in us!"
Dear Ally, 
"... you were my first dog, but I was not your first human. Would we know how to take care of each other?"
Dear Lincoln,
"... I giggle every time the bathroom door slides and you appear. I love how you readjust in bed to push yourself as close as possible to me and how you have to sleep in the closet while I shower so we are close! I never knew I could be loved this much."
Dear Sinatra, 
"... oh, how you love transportation! Planes, trains, automobiles, not to mention buses, boats, paddle boards and kayaks - you never cared where we were going. I've never met such a city dog. Your love for the subway surpasses all New Yorkers!"
Dear Frankie, 
"... 8 1/2 years ago you came into my life. Little did I know that you would become fused to my soul, a permanent source of joy. Your mommy (Taylor) brought you home under the guise that we were fostering you. Biggest foster fail ever!"
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