Neema Village is an orphanage my husband and I visited in Arusha, Tanzania in July 2022. It was founded by Dorris and Michael nearly a decade ago. It is home to 60 babies whose stories range from being abandoned, mothers/families who cannot take care of their baby, to mothers who died during child birth. The babies here are not only up for adoption, but many are also reunited with extended family members once it is possible. 
Neema Village is more than an orphanage, as they offer a program addressing one of the causes babies are put up for adoption in the first place. The Mothers Against Poverty Program helps women become self sufficient through entrepreneurial opportunities by education, training, counseling and financial help - all while their babies are being cared for in site. 
Adoption and all that it entails - from babies in need of family and homes to the variety of excruciating circumstances that lead a mother to painfully have to give up their baby - is a matter that needs to be brought to light more often. If we were more aware of all that adoption is, there would be more families with adopted children, but also more mothers keeping their babies.  ​​​​​​​
Thank you to Dorris and her amazing granddaughter for taking us by the hand and opening the doors to this very special place.
Please visit their website, and consider contributing in any way that you can!
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